Transformed in Christ

Last year Kilkerley parish introduced ‘Transformed in Christ’ into the religious programme for sixth class. Transformed in Christ is a 22-session programme from the Diocese of Portsmouth, to help prepare 12-16-year-olds to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. When it was introduced in Kilkerley, we were aware that the new religious programme ‘Growing in Love’ would not be ready for the Confirmation Class until 2018.

Fr. Gerry Campbell, Ms Aisling Fahy and Ms Kathleen Byrne taught the programme over a 2 hour session every week. The twenty-two sessions covered the following topics:

  1. Made for God
  2. God the Blessed Trinity
  3. The Dignity of the Human Person
  4. Prayer
  5. Sin & Mercy
  6. The History of Salvation
  7. Jesus Christ Our Lord & Saviour
  8. Baptism
  9. Reconciliation
  10. The Holy Mass (Part 1)
  11. The Pascal Mystery
  12. The Holy Mass (Part 2)
  13. The Holy Spirit Giver of Life
  14. The Holy Catholic Church
  15. Life Everlasting
  16. Confirmation & The Call to Holiness
  17. Praying the Mass
  18. Living the Virtues
  19. Living Our Faith Relationship
  20. The Human Experience (1)
  21. The Human Experience (2)
  22. Our Blessed Mother & the Communion of Saints

This is a very interactive programme with lots of group work activities, videos and discussion topics. Each topic is focused in scripture and YouCat is used throughout.

The children really enjoyed the programme. They gained much knowledge, were encouraged to keep a spiritual journal and they were very enthusiastic in their participation.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Before the Sacrament of Confirmation took place, parents were invited to participate with their children in Life in the Spirit Seminars. The children and parents joined together for the Worship & Praise at the beginning of each session but went to different rooms for the talks. We invited different speaker to give the talks each week. The talks were given in an age friendly manner. We completed five sessions of the Seminars before Confirmation and the last two after the Sacrament was received. The participation of parent was excellent and at least one parent from each family was present. Again the feedback was very positive.

New Religious Programme

When the new religious programme is ready in 2018, the school will follow it with the children. However, ‘Transformed in Christ’ has still resources that will add to this programme. We hope to continue to do ‘Life in the Spirit Seminars’ with both children and parents every year.

For further information please visit Transformed in Christ


What the some of the children who are studying ‘Transformed in Christ’ this year say:

I think Transformed in Christ makes me think harder about the stories in it. (Tara)

I find it very interesting and fun. (Ava)

I think it’s interesting & a bit challenging and it gets me thinking a lot. (Callie)

I learn a lot more about religion and it helps me when I go to Mass because I understand more. (Emily)

I think this programme is fun, interesting and educational (Nathan).

It makes me think about God more and it makes me more holy. (Aisling)

I think it is interesting and it makes me think about God and the world around me. (Amy)

As part of our 6th class preparation for confirmation last February our parish priest Fr. Gerry Campbell, Ms Fahy & Ms Byrne introduced us to the programme Transformed in Christ. This involved going to our Community Centre every Wednesday for two hours from 1-3pm where we took part in activities and games to help us better understand our Catholic faith. This was the first time this programme was used in Ireland. I really enjoyed this programme as it made us feel closer as a class and helped us understand our religion better and the reason why we were making our Confirmation. I would recommend this to other confirmation classes as it was more fun and more interesting to actually be involved in the programme rather than just listening to class lessons.  All my friends really got involved.

Sinéad (6th Class Student 2015- 2016)


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