Technology in Parish

The use of technology in the Holy Family Parish, Dundalk

In January 2013 our senior choir and organist retired after giving more than 30 years’ service to our parish. We’re fortunate in having an organist who plays, accompanied by a singer, at our vigil masses, at Easter and at Christmas, but our Sunday masses no longer had any music. We decided to concentrate our efforts on promoting congregational singing at our three Sunday masses. Recordings were made of our retired organist playing hymns, which were then linked to the words of the hymns, in PowerPoint presentations. Two data projectors were purchased and installed, which now project the words on to the wall behind the altar. We have eight volunteers who play these presentations at all our Sunday masses throughout the year, with the congregation singing at full voice.

The use of technology has also enhanced our parish based programme of preparation for First Eucharist, ‘Do this in memory of me’. The technology has also enriched a series of Lenten talks with prayer, held this year, featuring Fr Peter McVerry and Oisín McConville.





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