My Theology Experience

My experience of doing the Theology Programme.

My love of writing grew from a desire to share my faith with others; however it was the desire to develop this faith further that led me to the Theology Programme. From the very beginning, I was amazed by the amount of support I received from everyone in my parish, especially from my Parish Priest and Deacon. One evening, during our first module, when we were just starting to get to know each other and get settled into studying, we received a surprise visit and personal welcome from Archbishop Eamon Martin. I was struck by his certainty that, through our participation in this programme, we would experience growth, but I remember feeling not quite sure what he meant by this. Little did I know, twelve modules later, that everything would suddenly come together and I would start to understand what Archbishop Eamon had meant. My confidence has grown, and my awareness of my own gifts, and the different gifts, of each and every one of us on the course. While I intend to share my faith with others through my writing, it is a faith which has not only grown, but has deepened. As the learnings from this course keep coming long after the modules are over and the essays handed in, I have no doubt that a deeper understanding of my faith, of Liturgy and of the Gospel will continue. I am particularly interested in Children’s Liturgy, Cathecism and Lectio Divina and hope to be able to offer my ideas and support to the Parish Pastoral Council and my local parish community. Thanks to the kindness and help from staff, lecturers, classmates and friends, I can look forward to continuing my study of Theology next year.

By Jean McLoughlin April 2017


Quotes by Elizabeth Byrne

“My faith needed a makeover.”

“I was still using language from school, which was fine when I was at school, but I wanted to gain knowledge in order to pray and express my faith in a more adult way. I felt that I needed to learn more about my faith in the Church.”

“I have a deeper awareness of the Gospels, the Old and the New Testament and an eagerness to share what I have learned with more confidence than I ever felt possible.”

“Studying this course has been like a journey for me, one which I wish to continue on.”

“I hope to explore areas of sharing the knowledge I have gained with others. I am looking at working with young parents, pre-school children and teenagers and hope to encourage them to get more involved in the parish through activities that will develop what they already know, as well as increase their knowledge.”

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