Annual Grandparents Mass

Our parish Annual Grandparents Mass was held in St Nicholas’ Church Dundalk on 26th October. This is the third year our parish has held this very successful evening. All the primary schools in the parish were invitated to participate in this Mass. Each of the schools : Castletown Girls, C.B.S., De la Salle Boys, Friary infants, Realt na Mara all took part. Several classes from each school produced posters of what reminded the children of their grandparents and they were presented before the Mass in procession with two children from each class carrying the poster forward to be displayed around the Church during the Mass. A candle was taken up in procession and lit for grandparents who are deceased or unable to attend the Mass due to illness or living away. The children took part in the offeratory, readings, prayers of the faithful. We had one grandparent speak on the night about their faith journey. The colour of the posters on the night was really inspiring. After Mass the children took great pride in showing their parents and friends their art work. The Church was buzzing with excitement on the night. A few days later we got a call from one of the schools to let us know they had received a letter from a grandparent ‘thanking them for letting her be part of this wonderful Mass and it is a lovely memory for her to have’

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